Cradle Cave – Touristic Place to Visit in Hatay Samandag

Hatay offers many places in terms of places to visit. For this reason, it hosts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Cradle Cave, which is among the natural and historical places to visit in Hatay, is very popular among tourists.

Cradle Cave – Touristic Place in Hatay Samandag

Located within the borders of Samandağ district, the cave attracts the attention of many people. This place is known as a cave, but actually Cradle Cave: it is not a natural cave formation.Cradle Cave takes its name from the way the tombs are formed. It is thought that this structure was built in the first century AD, just like the Titus Tunnel. Being one of the most important historical structures remaining from the Roman Period in the Samandag Region, this cave is visited by many people with interest.

Cradle Cave - Beşikli Mağara
Cradle Cave – Beşikli Mağara

It is located in Seleucia Pieria, which was an ancient city in its region and had one of the two largest ports of its time. It has a very striking appearance. The cave has been cleaned since 1938 and made open to visitors.

The remarkable part of the cave is not that it serves as a tomb, but the reliefs and patterns engraved on the walls.

Long columns with cross motifs engraved at the entrance of the cave, ceilings embossed with patterns and striking stonework make this place interesting. There are approximately 250 tombs in Cradle Cave. These tombs are thought to belong to the prominent people of the ancient city.

If you want to make a unique Hatay trip, you can add Cradle Cave to your list of places to visit.

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