Kusadasi Beaches – Top 11 Beaches

Kusadasi is one of the best places for vacation in Turkey. If you are researching about Kusadasi beaches, there are many beaches here. There are very beautiful beaches and coves close to the center of Kusadasi. Especially the bays and beaches in the Dilek peninsula National Park are very beautiful. Apart from the beach and sunbathing, there are also options such as nature walks, bicycle tours, cave trips or picnics here. The 11 beaches we recommend are some of the best in Kusadasi.

Aydin Kusadasi Tourism Region

Along with its magnificent nature, the Aegean Region also has magnificent beaches and coves. Turkey, one of the tourism countries, is among the highly developed touristic countries, especially in terms of sea tourism. Its magnificent beaches and bays, accompanied by green vegetation along with its clear and cool waters, host millions of tourists every year. There are many beautiful cities to visit in Turkey.

Aydin province is among these cities. Kusadasi, which is connected to the province of Aydin, welcomes thousands of tourists every year. It is very popular among many people. It is among the limited places that visitors want to come back to again and again. 

Kusadasi Beaches – 11 Best Beaches

Kalamaki beach (Kalamaki Plajı). Located in the Kusadasi district of Aydin province, this beach offers many opportunities to its visitors. The beach, also known as Kavakliburun Bay, is located within the borders of Dilek Peninsula National Park. Although it is the third beach of the national park, it is located approximately 9 km from the entrance of the park. It has a length of approximately 1000 meters. Therefore, it has the title of being the longest beach in the park. The water and outer surface of the beach, which is considered perfect by the Ministry of Health information, consists of stones and pebbles. It also offers facilities such as lifeguard, shower, parking lot, picnic area, locker cabin, toilet. The facilities located on Kalamaki Beach have the capacity to serve approximately 1500 people. 

Kalamaki beach
Kalamaki beach (Kalamaki Plajı)

Karasu Beach (Karasu Plajı). It is located on the west side of Kavakliburun Bay. It is located within the borders of Dilek Peninsula National Park. It is also a beach with a length of approximately 500-600 meters. It has a rapidly deepening seabed. It is rated as excellent by the Ministry of Health. The exterior and water floor consists of stones and pebbles. It also offers many facilities such as shower, table, chair, parking lot, picnic area, sun lounger, changing cabin, toilet. The facility located here has a capacity of approximately 800 people. 

Karasu Beach.
Karasu Beach (Karasu Plajı)

Icmeler Bay Beach (İçmeler Koyu). It is located within the borders of Dilek Peninsula National Park. It is the first bay encountered after entering the national park. It is located approximately 1 km from the park entrance. It is also very close to daily facilities. The length of the coast is approximately 310 meters. There are picnic tables under the pine trees, which contain the most beautiful shade of green. The outer and water floor is formed by fine and soft sands. It offers multiple facilities such as parking, restrooms, changing cabins, sun loungers and picnic areas.

Icmeler Bay Beach
Icmeler Bay Beach (İçmeler Koyu)

Aydinlik Bay Beach (Aydınlık Koyu). This bay is located within the borders of Dilek Peninsula National Park. You can reach here just after İçmeler Bay. The distance to the entrance of the park is approximately 5 kilometers. It is the second largest bay of Dilek Peninsula National Park after Kavakliburun Bay. Trees with the most beautiful shades of green stretch towards the coastline. Its depth is quite suitable for non-swimmers and children. While the outer ground consists of gravel and sand, the water ground consists only of sand. It also offers facilities such as parking lot, picnic area, shower, toilet and changing cabin.

Aydinlik Bay Beach
Aydinlik Bay Beach (Aydınlık Koyu)

Yilanciburnu Beach (Yılancı Burnu). It has a very old settlement history. It is a peninsula extending to the sea, although it is located in the south of Güvercinada. There are some ancient ruins under the sea, as it is among the first settlements of Kusadasi. Today it is used as a public beach. In addition to activities such as swimming and sunbathing, it also offers the opportunity to have fun with two beach clubs on the beach. The exterior and water floor consists of stones and gravel. Although the sea is generally calm, there are times when it is choppy. 

Yılancı Cape Beach
Yilanciburnu Beach (Yılancı Burnu)

Kusadasi Ladies Beach (Kadınlar Denizi Plajı). It is located approximately 3 km from the center of Kusadasi. Since it was a beach used only by women in the Ottoman period, it was named women’s beach. Men and women can enter the beach. Since it is a public beach, no fee is charged at the entrance to the beach. Umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach are rented. There are no buffet-like establishments in the area where the beach is located. The beach is located on the street in terms of location. For this reason, food and beverage needs are generally provided by restaurants and cafe-like businesses located on the streets. Access to these businesses is also very easy in terms of both proximity and security. At the same time, transportation to the beach is very easy and safe by vehicles.

Ladies Beach Beach
Kusadasi Ladies Beach (Kadınlar Denizi Plajı)

Sevgi Beach (Sevgi Plajı). It is one of the beaches that local and foreign tourists visit. It is located approximately 17 km from the center of Kusadasi. Apart from swimming at the beach, you can also have a picnic. The beach, whose length is approximately 550 metre, has a blue flag. The water floor consists of soft and fine sand. Since it is shallow, it is an ideal beach for both children and non-swimmers. 

Love Beach
Sevgi Beach (Sevgi Plajı).

Green Beach. As the name suggests, the beach, which has an area where green vegetation and blue waters meet, is very popular. The beach is blue flagged. It is also one of the free public beaches. There is a beach club in a part of the beach. For this reason, facilities such as shower, buffet and sink are also offered. 

Green Beach
Green Beach

Kusadasi Long Beach. As the name suggests, the beach, which is quite long, is one of the places where many people want to swim. It is one of the most crowded beaches of Kusadasi. It is rated as excellent by the Ministry of Health. There are businesses such as cafes and beach clubs along the coastline. The water and the outer ground consist of sands. It offers facilities such as sunbeds, showers, toilets and changing cabins. There is also a pool and water slide. For this reason, it is highly preferred by many people.

Kusadasi Long Beach
Kusadasi Long Beach

Guzelcamli Venus Beach (Güzelcamlı Venüs plajı Kuşadası). The beach, which is quite magnificent with its long walking path, clear waters and magnificent scenery, is loved by many. The depth level is very suitable for non-swimmers and children. The water floor also consists of fine and soft sands on the outer surface. For this reason, it is a favorite of holiday lovers. The beach is about 400 meters long. There are also dressing cabins, showers and sun loungers. 

Kusadasi Long Beach
Guzelcamli Venus Beach (Güzelcamlı Venüs plajı Kuşadası)

Kusadasi Coast (Kuşadası Sahili)

The majority of those who visit Kusadasi generally spend their time on the coastline. Apart from the beaches, there are many places such as entertainment venues, cafes and restaurants on the coastline.

Kusadasi coastline is preferred for walking. Tourists, who are on holiday in Kusadasi and want to go somewhere when they are bored, spend time on the coastline. So when you want to go for a walk, hang out in entertainment venues or do different activities, the coastline is the place to go.

Kusadasi Beach
Kusadasi Coast

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