Cesme Attractions and Activities – Top 13 Places

Cesme district of Izmir is one of the best places for a holiday with its unique nature and beaches. Especially if you like water sports and activities, there are many options in Cesme. If you are looking for details about places to visit and beaches in Cesme, you can evaluate the following options.

Places to Visit in Cesme

Cesme Castle (Çeşme Kalesi). It was built in 1508 and it draws attention due to its magnificent castle location, which served a very important task especially during the Ottoman period. Apart from the castle tour, the sea view from the castle is also very beautiful. And at the same time, you can have pleasant moments by participating in the events held in the castle in different periods. It is one of the important structures that you should definitely see on your excursions to Cesme district.

Cesme Castle
Cesme Castle (Çeşme Kalesi)

Cesme Museum (Çeşme Müzesi). In this museum, which is located inside the Cesme castle, you can both examine the many ancient ruins in the region and get all the necessary information about the history of the region. You can see many artifacts from the Bronze Age in this museum. You can enter the museum at very affordable prices and you can visit it as you wish, both on weekdays and on weekends.

Cesme Museum
Cesme Museum (Çeşme Müzesi).

Windmill Alacati (Alaçatı Değirmenleri). These mills, which are the symbolic structures of Cesme, are must-see structures. Around these mills, which have a history of hundreds of years and are made entirely of stone, there are also cobblestone streets and viewing points with magnificent views.

Alaçatı Mills
Windmill Alacati (Alaçatı Değirmenleri)

Walking and Shopping in Cesme

Cesme Coast (Çeşme Sahil) As in many touristic places, there are cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues on the Çeşme coastline. Cesme coastline is the place to go when you are bored or want to take a walk. The restaurants on the coastline offer tastes from international cuisine and Turkish cuisine. When you want to have fun, you should go again to the coastline and there are entertainment venues that appeal to everyone.

Cesme Beach
Cesme Coast (Çeşme Sahil)

Alacati Souk (Alaçatı Çarşı). You can also have a pleasant time in this cute souk, which is known for being extremely crowded and lively, especially in the evening hours. Bars, restaurants and narrow streets where you can walk await you in this beautiful souk, which is famous for its windmill. If you want to shop for your loved ones and have a fun evening, you should definitely visit Alacati souk.

Alaçatı Carsi
Alacati Souk (Alaçatı Çarşı)

Beaches in Cesme

Altinkum Beach (Goldensand Beach). It is one of the world-famous beaches of Cesme. You should definitely go to this beach, as it is one of the places where local and foreign tourists who come to the district show the most interest. It has a peaceful environment with its sandy beach and smooth sea. For this reason, it is one of the places that is always at the top of the list of places to see in Cesme.

Altinkum Beach
Altinkum Beach (Goldensand Beach)

Cleopatra Cove (Kleopatra Koyu – Güvercinlik Koyu). The reason why it is called by this name is that it is believed that Cleopatra lived in this bay or went into the sea. Although transportation is not that easy due to its steep slopes and rocky structure, it is still one of the most popular beaches. You can enjoy both the sea and the sand to the fullest in this beach, which has cold water and most importantly, has preserved its naturalness and remained away from construction.

Cleopatra Cove
Cleopatra Cove (Kleopatra Koyu – Güvercinlik Koyu)

Delikli Bay (Delikli Koy). One of the places you will not find everywhere, the delikli bay is especially famous for its surrounding white cliffs. For this reason, it is one of the most important places that you should definitely see in Cesme. You can reach the region by boat tours organized regularly, as well as by a short trip with your personal vehicles.

Perforated Bay
Delikli Bay (Delikli Koy)

Cark Beach (Çark Plajı). It is one of the beaches that fascinates those who see it with its clean waters. You can prefer the early hours of the morning for swimming. In the evenings, it is nice for walking and watching the sunset. Especially the facilities offered to you on the beach will be enough for you to spend time in a pleasant and comfortable way. It is one of the beaches that people flock to during the summer months and it is one of the rare beaches that will fully meet your expectations in terms of cleanliness.

Cark Beach
Cark Beach (Çark Plajı)

Yildizburnu Beach (Çeşme, Ilıca Yıldızburnu küçük halk plajı). It is one of the places that fascinates people with its air, wavy sea and also its small cute structure. When you enter the water, you can easily see the bottom, regardless of the depth. Especially its magnificent beach, which consists of fine sand, is indeed of a rare beauty. You can have a pleasant time on this beach with umbrellas and sun loungers that you can rent at very reasonable prices.

Cesme, Ilica Yildizburnu small public beach.
Yildizburnu Beach (Çeşme, Ilıca Yıldızburnu küçük halk plajı)

Boyalik Beach (Boyalık Plajı). This magnificent beach, which has an air reminiscent of the Maldives, is one of the places where people feel good, especially with its turquoise water and white sands. It is one of the most preferred places, especially for families with children, due to the absence of waves and at the same time its depth that does not exceed human height. There are all kinds of social facilities where you can meet your food and beverage, toilet, shower or different needs.

Boyalik Beach
Boyalik Beach (Boyalık Plajı)

Kocakari Beach (Kocakarı Plajı). It is one of the most hidden and well-known beaches of Cesme. The seabed, which turns into sand after the large and small stones along the beach, may deepen after a few meters. This is why you need to be careful. It is a beach generally used by people living in the district. This is one of the places that local and foreign tourists do not know much. For this reason, it has both preserved its naturalness and been a preferred place since there is no construction around it.

Kocakari Beach
Kocakari Beach (Kocakarı Plajı)

Ilıca Public Beach (ılıca Halk Plajı). It is one of the best-known beaches of Cesme. In one word, it is a magnificent beach and at the same time it has world standards. This beach is not only Cesme but one of the best beaches in Turkey. The fact that it is a public beach also causes the interest to be always intense. And it’s hard to find a place in the summer. For this reason, when you go to this beach, you should try to go early and get a nice place.

Ilica Public Beach
Ilıca Public Beach (ılıca Halk Plajı)

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