Tourism in Turkey Ranks 4th in the World

Aegean and Mediterranean regions in Turkey are some of the places visited by millions of tourists every year, especially for beach holidays. According to the report published by the World Tourism Organization, Turkey became the fourth most visited country in the world.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has published a report on tourism data for 2022. According to the report, tourism in 2022 lagged 34 percent behind 2019.

963 million people traveled around the world and the total amount of spending reached 1 trillion 12 billion dollars. The average expenditure per person was 1051 dollars.

According to the report, the most visited countries were France, Spain, the USA and Turkey, respectively.

In the report, which stated that 50 million 450 thousand tourists visited Turkey in 2022, it was stated that Turkey ranks 7th in average expenditure per capita with 816 dollars.

On the other hand, the Mediterranean was the most preferred region with 28 percent.

67 percent of the tourists preferred Europe, 16 percent America, 10 percent Asia, 7 percent the Middle East and 5 percent Africa.

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