Istanbul Sile Beaches and Places to Visit

The Sile region of Istanbul is one of the famous places with its beaches apart from the places to visit. When you want to have a beach holiday away from the crowds of Istanbul, Sile is the right address. Sile district of Istanbul is one of the touristic places.

With its nature, air, sea and forests, this beautiful district, where people relax and have a pleasant time, reaches a serious population rate especially in the summer months.

Places to Visit in Sile

Sile Castle (Şile Kalesi). This castle is one of the must-see places in Sile. Due to its location in the middle of the sea, it has a magnificent view. It is one of the places that must be seen by the people who come to the district, especially because it is the symbol of the district. For this reason, you should definitely include this castle on your list in your Sile travel plans and take time to visit.

sile castle
Sile Castle (Şile Kalesi)

Sile Lighthouse (Şile Feneri). This historical lighthouse, which was built in 1859 and has been serving in the maritime field since then, still guides the ships. Since it is located on the cliffs overlooking the Black Sea and at the same time has a magnificent view, you can enjoy this view to the fullest on your trips.

sile lantern
Sile Lighthouse (Şile Feneri)

Beaches in Istanbul Sile

Crying Rocks (Ağlayan Kayalar Şile). It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sile, and its view is also very beautiful. The beach, which has a small sandy beach surrounded by high cliffs, is one of the best places you can choose to swim in Sile, as it is a place that many people have not yet discovered. Apart from swimming at the beach, you can visit the beach to take photos or watch the scenery.

wipe weeping rocks
Crying Rocks (Ağlayan Kayalar Şile)

Ayazma Beach Sile (Ayazma Plajı Şile). It is one of the most known and preferred beaches of Sile. Especially famous for its long sandy beach, wavy sea and wide forest areas surrounding the beach, this beach is one of the beaches you can go to with your family in Sile.

delete ayazma beach
Ayazma Beach Sile (Ayazma Plajı Şile)

Sile Central Beach (Şile Merkez Plajı). Located in the center of Sile, this small beach is always crowded with both its clean sandy beach and the social opportunities it offers to its visitors. You can enjoy both the sea and other social facilities on this beautiful beach, which offers many opportunities not only for swimming but also for visiting and staying.

sile central beach
Sile Central Beach (Şile Merkez Plajı)

Kabakoz Village Beach (Kabaköz Köyü Plajı). Located in the Kabakoz Village of Sile, this large beach is known for its big waves, especially because it receives plenty of wind. For this reason, it is one of the beaches visited by those who want to spend time on the beach or take a walk by the sea. If you want to swim at the beach, the sea is calm in the morning. There are no waves on the beach.

Kabakoz Bay Beach
Kabakoz Village Beach (Kabaköz Köyü Plajı)

Akcakese Beach (Akçakese Plajı). This beach will be one of the best options for you, with its sandy beach and many social opportunities for visitors to relax. When you want to take time for yourself in a calm and peaceful environment, this beach is the best option. The beach is liked by many people. There are large rocks around the beach. Many people come to the beach just to relax. Apart from this, the beach is one of the beaches visited by people who want to take photos. You can take your food and drinks with you and have a picnic on the beach.

akcakase beach
Akcakese Beach (Akçakese Plajı)

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