Shopping in Konya – Historical Bazaar and Local Products

If you want to both visit and enjoy shopping in Konya, you should go to the Historical Bedesten Bazaar in the city center of Konya. In addition to seeing historical buildings in the surrounding area, you will have many options for shopping. The historical Bedesten bazaar is one of the best places to buy souvenirs.

Best Places for Shopping in Konya

Especially if you want to buy souvenirs, you will find many options in Konya. While visiting the historical Bedesten bazaar in Konya, you can see many products that you can buy. There are many shops in the historical bazaar. You can see handmade products in some of these shops. You can do both quality and cheap shopping in the historical Bedesten bazaar.

Apart from small souvenirs, one of the best products you can buy in Konya is a hand-woven carpet and you can find it in the Historical Bedesten Bazaar. These carpets in different sizes attract the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists.

If you want to buy small souvenirs, you can evaluate the following options.

Konya Themed Magnet (Konya Temalı Magnet)

Konya-themed magnets, which you can find and buy from almost anywhere, vary with their visuality, prints and design. You can buy magnets about the places you visit and collect them or give them as gifts to your friends.

Konya themed magnet is a specially designed product consisting of the image of Mevlana and Mevlana Mosque.

Whirling Dervish Trinket (Semazen Biblo)

The Semazen figure, which has become the symbol of Konya, is used in many areas. Especially with whirling dervish figures; It is a symbol that you can see on various products such as trinkets, jewelry, key chains and magnets in different colors and sizes. This symbol, which is unique to Konya; It comes from the name Whirling Dervish, which is given to the people who take part in the Sema Ceremony, which was held during the time of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi and is still alive today.

Whirling dervishes have reached the present day by preserving their special nature due to the work they do and the special clothes they wear. This spiritual ceremony is in an atmosphere and structure that arouses special interest by the audience.

You can find whirling dervish trinkets and many souvenirs in souvenir shops all over Konya.

Mevlana Trinket (Mevlana Biblo)

Mevlana figurines are one of the small souvenirs sold all over Konya. Since Konya is known as the city of Mevlana, it is one of the most beautiful and meaningful souvenirs you can choose from here. It is a meaningful souvenir that contains the spiritual atmosphere of Konya, especially in terms of Mevlana theme.

Mevlana Candy (Mevlana Şekeri)

This confectionery, which has become the symbol of the city of Konya, is a taste liked and recommended by visitors. As the most famous confectionery of Konya, it is a different delicious confection that you can find widely everywhere. Known as Mevlana, this confectionery with different colors and flavors will be a taste unique to Konya, which you can prefer a lot. It is a product that you must buy in your Konya trip and take it as a gift to your loved ones.

You can find this confectionery all over Konya in confectionery shops and you can take different varieties as gifts to those around you. Mevlana sugar is one of the confectionery types served with tea.


When you want to buy something from Konya and other cities, you should prefer city centers. In general, tour buses stop at certain places on the main roads, and there are also outlets at these stopovers. However, to be clear, it is both expensive in terms of price and not very good in quality. In short, if you want to buy something in Konya, you can visit the Historical Bedesten bazaar.

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