15 Things to Do in Trabzon – History and Nature Trip

Trabzon is a city located in the Black Sea Region of Turkey and stands out with its rich cultural heritage. Carrying the traces of different civilizations throughout its thousands of years of history, Trabzon has a unique cultural richness. Many visitors praise Trabzon’s unique historical and cultural fabric.

The historical buildings in the city bear traces of the Byzantine and Ottoman periods and offer visitors the opportunity to travel deep into the past.

Best Things to Do in Trabzon

Unique structures such as the Sumela Monastery impress visitors with a mystical atmosphere and enchanting views. At the same time, Trabzon Hagia Sophia Mosque is highly appreciated for its historical and architectural value. Travelers from different parts of the world consider Trabzon as a unique city. With its historical and cultural riches, natural beauties and hospitality, Trabzon offers an unforgettable travel experience. With its nature and history, Trabzon is one of the best places for vacation and sightseeing in Turkey.

Cal Cave (Çal Mağarası)

It is a cave that fascinates with its natural beauties. Located close to the city center, this cave hosts magnificent limestone formations. It offers a mystical atmosphere to its visitors with its stalactites.

Cal Cave - Çal mağarası
Cal Cave – Çal mağarası

SUMELA Monastery

It is one of the most famous historical buildings of Trabzon. Located on a rocky slope, this monastery was built in the 4th century. Located in the forest, the monastery impresses visitors with its frescoes and historical atmosphere.

SUMELA Monastery - Sümela Manastırı
SUMELA Monastery – Sümela Manastırı

Santa Ruins

It stands out as an important archaeological site witnessing the past history of Trabzon. This region, which was made up of colonies in ancient times, contains ruins from the Roman and Byzantine periods. It is a must-visit for archeology lovers.

Santa Ruins - Santa Harabeleri
Santa Ruins – Santa Harabeleri

Long Lake (Uzungöl)

It is a plateau lake famous for its fascinating natural beauties. Surrounded by lush forests, Uzungöl is one of the must-see places in Trabzon with its wooden mansions and trekking routes around the lake.

Long Lake - Uzungöl Trabzon
Long Lake – Uzungöl Trabzon

Sultan Murat Plateau

It is a plateau that nature lovers will visit with admiration. Located close to the city center, the plateau offers a relaxing environment to its visitors with its magnificent view and cool air. You can take nature walks and have a picnic in the highland area full of flowers.

Sultan Murat Plateau
Sultan Murat Plateau

Hidirnebi Plateau

It is one of the most popular plateaus of Trabzon. Famous for its lush nature and clean air, this plateau offers an experience intertwined with nature. It is one of the places that fascinates its visitors with its hiking trails, highland houses and its nature and scenery.

Hidirnebi Plateau - Hıdırnebi Yaylası
Hidirnebi Plateau – Hıdırnebi Yaylası

Arakli Os Waterfall

It is one of the natural beauties of Trabzon. Located close to the city center, this waterfall has a magnificent view. There are picnic areas next to the waterfall and there is the opportunity to swim in its cool waters.

Arakli Os Waterfall - Araklı Os Şelalesi
Arakli Os Waterfall

Trabzon castle

It is one of the important historical buildings that reflect the historical and cultural values of the city. Built in the Middle Ages, this castle has witnessed the history of the city. Located in the castle, Trabzon Museum offers visitors the opportunity to explore the history and cultural heritage of the city.

Trabzon castle - Trabzon Kalesi
Trabzon castle – Trabzon Kalesi

Girls Monastery

It is one of the most important historical buildings of Trabzon. This monastery, which was built in the 4th century, carries traces of the Byzantine period to the present day. The impressive structure of the monastery and the frescoes inside fascinate the visitors. The monastery offers a mystical atmosphere, giving its visitors the opportunity to travel deep into history.

Girls Monastery - Kızlar Manastırı
Girls Monastery – Kızlar Manastırı

Trabzon Hagia Sophia Mosque

It is one of the most important religious and historical sites in the city. Built in the 13th century, this mosque was used as the Hagia Sophia Church during the Byzantine period and later converted into a mosque. Mosaics and decorations inside the mosque fascinate art lovers. Visitors can follow the traces of history in the peaceful atmosphere inside the mosque.

Trabzon Hagia Sophia Mosque - Trabzon Ayasofya Camii
Trabzon Hagia Sophia Mosque – Trabzon Ayasofya Camii


If you want to see the magnificent view of Trabzon, Boztepe is the place you should go. On this high hill in Trabzon, you can watch the vast blue of the Black Sea and the panoramic view of the city. You can also spend a pleasant time sitting in the tea gardens and tasting local delicacies.

Boztepe Trabzon
Boztepe Trabzon

Ataturk Pavilion

It is a place where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who has an important place in the history of Trabzon, stayed. In this historical mansion, you can see the belongings of Ataturk’s stay and witness the important works he carried out here. The mansion is a symbol of devotion to history and Turkey’s liberation struggle.

Ataturk pavilion - Atatürk Köşkü
Ataturk pavilion – Atatürk Köşkü

Zagnos Valley Park

It is an ideal spot for those who want to discover the natural beauties of the city. This valley has a magnificent view dominated by every shade of green. You can spend time in touch with nature in the valley, which is surrounded by hiking trails and picnic areas.

Zagnos Valley Park - Zagnos Vadisi Parkı
Zagnos Valley Park – Zagnos Vadisi Parkı


It is one of the historical districts of Trabzon and offers visitors an atmosphere from the Ottoman period. Standing out with its narrow streets, stone houses and historical buildings, Ortahisar carries the traces of the past. It is an ideal spot to explore the historical fabric of the city and experience local life.

Altindere Valley National Park

It is one of the most important natural protection areas of Trabzon. It attracts attention with its lush forests, waterfalls and various plant and animal species in the valley. You can take nature walks in the national park, do bird watching and be enchanted by the waterfalls. Altindere valley is located close to SUMELA monastery.

Trabzon’s Rich Cultural Heritage: History, Music and Handicrafts

With places such as the SUMELA monastery in Trabzon and the Altindere valley national park around the monastery, it offers an unforgettable travel experience to both history and nature lovers. These places reflect the historical and cultural heritage of Trabzon in the best way. Filled with the mystical atmosphere and natural beauties of the city, these spots give visitors the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of Trabzon.

Among the cultural values of Trabzon, its unique music and dances come first. An exuberant folk dance called horon is one of the most important elements of Trabzon’s traditional culture. Horon is a type of dance played with live music and is frequently performed at local festivals and weddings. In addition, Trabzon’s cuisine is one of the cultural riches of the region. Local delicacies such as anchovies, cornbread and kuymak are among the cornerstones of Trabzon’s gastronomic heritage. You can find the opportunity to taste these delicacies in the restaurants in the city.

You can easily visit the most visited places in Trabzon with the help of the map below.

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