Irgandi Bridge

Irgandi Bridge in Bursa’s Yildirim district attracts the attention of locals and tourists with its appearance and interesting architecture. The single-roofed structure on the yellow-painted, windowed bridge offers unparalleled views for photographers. Stone bridge remaining from the Ottoman Empire was built during the reign of Murat the second.

The traveler Evliya Celebi, who visited the district during the uprisings of the period, mentions the bridge in his Travelogue in 1640. There are a total of 32 small and large shops on the bridge.

Irgandi Bridge with its Original Architecture

The wooden exterior and lead-coated structure was tiled in the 17th century. The structure on the bridge, which was partially destroyed in the flood, was also damaged in the 1855 earthquake. Thanks to the restoration made after the damage, the bridge still preserves its former glory today.

Irgandi Bridge is one of the historical structures visited by local and foreign tourists. Especially during the tourism season, many people visit the Bridge and its surroundings. This special structure with its vivid color; Irgandi bridge is located on Gokdere north of Setbasi bridge.

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