Aydin Soke District – Top 3 Places to Visit

Being a touristic country, Turkey’s Aegean Region is among the popular holiday destinations that most tourists visit again and again. Aydin province, located in the Aegean Region, hosts thousands of tourists every year with its magnificent nature and many ancient cities or ruins. This province is home to history with its magnificent nature in almost every district.

Places to Visit in Aydin Soke

Soke district, which is connected to Aydin province, is among the popular destinations of local and foreign tourists with its ruins and eye-catching nature. There are many places to visit in Soke district of Aydin province. It has many places to visit, from the Priene Ruins to the Old Doganbey Houses and the Church of St. Nicholas. 

Priene Ruins (Priene Ören Yeri)

Priene ruins located near Gulbahce is a very old historical building. B.C. This place, which is said to have been established for settlement purposes in the 2nd century, has a very old and deep-rooted history. There is not much information about the first times when the city was founded. Therefore, in general, different or similar ideas about the early times of the city are carried out on the assumptions.

Considered by many researchers as the finest example of urban planning, the Ruins of Priene fascinates visitors with its eye-catching beauty. It not only fascinates its visitors, but also keeps the history alive with its structures that attract attention from its streets with stairs. At the same time, the Priene Ruins has many well-protected structures. It is one of the places that many tourists want to visit and see.

Priene Ruins
Priene Ruins (Priene Ören Yeri)

Priene Theater. The theater, which is among the important structures of the Ancient City of Priene, was built in accordance with the Hellenistic architectural rules. Despite some architectural changes made in the Roman Period, it still has the Hellenistic period architecture without breaking its texture. That’s why it’s very important. Priene Theater’s BC. It is thought to have been built in the 3rd century. The capacity of the theater, which is quite large, is about 5,000 people. There is also a total of 50 rows of seating. Only one floor of the scene, which was two-storied at the time, has survived to the present day. There are rooms on both floors of the building, which had two floors in its time. These rooms are six in total, with three on each floor. The 3 rooms on the lower floor also open to the proscene. This magnificent building is admired by many people.

The Temple of Athena: It was built at an altitude of approximately 97 km above sea level. Various columns with 24 grooves, ie cavities, are used in the building. Its architect is Pytheos, it was built in accordance with the Ionic order under the leadership of Pytheos and has a classical Hellenistic Period architecture. The temple, which consists of three separate areas, is quite large. Naos consists of areas called Pronaos and Opisthodomos. It is visited by many people with great interest, as it is one of the most important structures of the Priene Ruins with its appearance.

Old Doganbey Houses (Eski Doğanbey Evleri)

These magnificent houses, located in Soke district of Aydin province, fascinate those who see them both with their nature and architectural structure. Settlement date BC. It is known to date back to the 7th century. At first, Greeks lived in these houses. These houses, which were left empty as a result of the population exchange migration, are bought by some people.

The purchased houses are undergone restoration processes without deteriorating their structures. Doganbey Houses reflect the architecture of the Ottoman Period as an architectural structure. These stone houses, which look very magnificent with nature, are in perfect harmony with nature. For this reason, it is highly appreciated by the visitors. You can see these magnificent houses for a day or stay in hotels that provide holiday opportunities.

Old Doganbey Houses
Old Doganbey Houses (Eski Doğanbey Evleri)

St. Nicholas Church in Aydın Soke (Aziz Nikolas Kilisesi)

It is made by the Greeks in Gullubahce, which was previously called Gelebec. The Greeks build the Church of St. Nicholas to commemorate St. Nicholas, who is important for Christianity. It was built on the church in the area where it was located in 1821. It has the distinction of being the second church built for St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus, in Anatolia. That’s why it’s very important. The church also has a well-kept garden.

St. Nicholas Church
St. Nicholas Church in Aydın Soke (Aziz Nikolas Kilisesi)

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